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Zeal Quest Int¡¯L Holdings Limited, founded in Year 2000, headquartered in Shanghai, China, is specialized in disturbing imported instruments, covering fields of Industry, Biomedicine, water environment, Food, Ecology and Environment, Chemical Analysis¡­¡­.  Zeal Quest Equipments Co.,Ltd and Fan Tinghua Technology Development Co., Ltd, worked as its subsidiary companies, have following divisions:
Industry Division:
Provide full set of instruments of RoHS/WEEE Directives for both destructive and non-destructive analysis, including portable and benchtop RoHS analyzers, AA, ICP, UV, and GC-MS. More on-line/on-site instruments and industrial consumables are available.
Life Science Division:
With the development of the world, more and more people concern about the environment and safety of their surroundings and lives. We supply CFA (continual flow analyzer), discrete auto analyzer, GP/PP pump, pipettes, centrifuge, and shaker¡­¡­for Liquid analysis. Safety cabinet, balance, digestion system and Ultra-low refrigerator¡­¡­ for experiments in Labs, hospitals and universities.
Ecology and Environment Division:
for botany science, soil science, weather studies, to provide the whole research consultancy services in the SPAC(soil-plant-atmosphere-column) study.
Pure Water Division:
we have our own Pure Water Instrument with Brand ¡°ZEALPURE¡±. The whole division is specialized in manufacturing, selling and servicing this new product.
Service Division:
Professional engineers provide solutions, installation, technical training, consultant, repair and after-service for customers sincerely.
We are sincerely welcome more foreign manufacturers who are interested in China Market to contact us and work with us. And we are also glad to work with worldwide distributors who are interested in our Pure Water Instrument. We believe that good cooperation, better products and best service will make our company more competitive and lead us to a more brilliant future together.
Kevin Sun
Managing Director
Zeal Quest Equipments Co.,Ltd Address£º303, No. 798, Zhaojiabang Road, Xuhui, Shanghai, China
Tel:021-62837112/20/21/62 Fax:021-62837112/20/21/62 ת830 E-mail£ºsales@zeal-quest.com